Meanings of Gemstones and Crystals

Who said that spiritual jewelry could not have style! Our line is designed to be worn like you would other jewelry, and have it's alleged powers as well! ENJOY!

Throughout the ages various societies have used crystals for their alleged restorative powers and their mysterious unscribed healing properties. When deciding on a gemstone or crystal it is important to remember that for each individual person there must be a personalized purpose or intention for each stone. The power of a crystal varies with different people and their different needs. Some allegedly choose stones or crystals intuitively; some rely on their alleged healing properties. Basically, if you are drawn to a stone or piece of jewelry, your intuition is expressing some need for that crystal. Another way to choose is by color. The color of the gemstone allegedly can relate to various chakras or to other unscribed healing properties. For instance, red or orange colored stones allegedly stimulates the nervous system while blue and purple give unscribed spiritual inspiration uniting body and soul.

Most importantly, your intention and trusting the process is the key. According to many belief systems, writing down your intention is said to enhance your outcome. "Meanings of Gemstones" is provided to enhance your selection of jewelry.

There are many books on the individual crystals and gemstones, their meanings and alleged healing properties. Each book is different. Choose what feels right to you.

Once you find the right stone, it is important to cleanse the crystal of unwanted influences. You must also clean your crystal on a regular basis when being used. Again, the process is not as important as the intention of ridding the stone of unwanted influences. There are many books on this subject. We have suggested these methods due to their ease in making a choice.

The following information has been gathered from many sources and gives general information for entertainment value only. It is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any illness. Professional advice from your doctor is advised as to the curative and other properties and uses potentially inherent to crystals.

AGATE-Alleges acceptance, emotional & physical balance, strengthens other stones, raises consciousness, grounding, digestion, powerful healer.

AMAZONITE-Alleges to break unlucky streaks, helps the throat and bronchial areas, aid to develop clairvoyant abilities, enhances love, eases tensions ans smooths emotions, gives integrity, truth and honor.

AMETHYST- Alleges to assist spiritual and psychic opening in a grounded way. Creativity, sobriety, courage, intuition, self-esteem, healing, moving on.

AQUAMARINE- Alleges mental clarity, spiritual inspiration, calming, enhances self-expression, calms nerves, purifies the body, peace, love.

FLOURITE- Alleges to strengthen teeth and bones, arthritis, improves absorption of vital nutrients, strengthens the ability to perceive higher levels of reality, meditation, grounds excessive energy, improves concentration.

GOLD-Alleges to attract positive energy into aura, purifies and energizes physical body, circulation, nervous system, heart, naval, crown, chakra, male aspect amplifies thought forms, personal illumination.

KYANITE-Alleges to be the only stone to not collect negative energy, helps the throat & third eye chakra, truth, loyalty, communication, enhances creative expression, communication, serenity.

JADE- Alleges to generate divine love, protection from injuries and accidents, blood cleanser, strengthens the immune system, emotional balancer, dispels negativity, clarity, modesty, courage, justice, wisdom.

LABRADORITE - Insight into destiny, intuition, clarity, courage, transformation, understanding of self on a deep level.

MOONSTONE-Alleges to relieve anxiety & stress, stomach, spleen, pancreas, pituitary gland, lymphatic system, female problems, emotional balancer, flexibility in attitudes, aligns emotions with higher self.

PERIDOT-Alleges to balance glandular system, tissue regeneration, purifies body, overall balancer for the body & mind, reduces stress, increases intuitive balance, accelerates personal growth, opens the doors to opportunity.

QUARTZ-CLEAR- Alleges to activate all levels of consciousness, dispels negativity in one’s energy field and environment, receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy, excellent for meditation, communication with higher self and spirit guides.

RED JASPER - Provides protection, gives earth energy, helps with stomach and liver.

ROSE QUARZ-Alleges to be the love stone, enhances self-confidence and creativity, forgiveness, compassion, heart chakra, clears stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear jealousy, stress, tension, sexual and emotional imbalances.

SERPENTINE-Alleges to rid the body of parasites and unhealthy microbes, used for stress reduction, protection from poisonous creatures, clears cloudy chakras, moves your energy through the crown charka into the energy vortex of the body. 4th and 7th chakra.

SILVER-Alleges to enhance mental functions, circulation, relieves stress, female aspects, blood strengthener, emotional balancer, speech improvement, energy conductor, subconscious.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN - Gently reveals patterns to be restructured; enhances balance and purity; shields against negativity.

TURQUOISE-Alleges to tone and strengthen the entire body, tissue regeneration, circulation, lungs, respiratory, aligns chakras, enhances meditation, creative expression, peace of mind, emotional balance, communication - both psychic and verbal, friendship, loyalty, throat chakra.